Because we stand at the end of a vast historical-geological epoch in human and Earth history, and because this end portends the very real possibility of a mass species extinction that includes “man” herself as a being in nature, this very situation constitutes a unique, privileged standpoint from which the entire anthropological-evolutionary development of humanity, taken together with its cosmological presuppositions, becomes visible, cognitively accessible and existentially necessary to reconstruct

This epoch endpoint is fully determined by the logic and, above all, the movement of capital, more specifically by the destruction it has wrought on earthly nature, and the travesty it, as our own objectified and estranged power, has made of the most sublime human ambitions, the two most profound of which are freedom and social justice…

In principle without regard to whatever factually happens at any given moment to be the case, human freedom is inextricably and inseparably at once bound to social justice, and to making an end to the ruin of nature. This, the latter, is visible only deep into the era of the real domination of capital over not just labor but all of society; for it only with real domination that systematic inputs of science and technology into production render capitalist subsumption in this form irreversible (i.e., irreversible short of the abolition of capital): Under these conditions the logic and movement of capital itself necessarily and increasingly requires and demands the reduction of surrounding nature to a raw materials sink for commodity production on the basis of the exploitation of abstract labor (and with this reduction, mass species extinction and climatic change that involves a total planetary alteration). So that the ravaging of earthly nature is ever deepening, and inextricably yoked to real domination; it is, in other words, inseparably tied to the transformation of human life, affect and creativity in work and labor as that life is entirely altered, as it becomes a stultified, internally sundered, cretinized Teilmensch which is the immediate expression and reality of the reduction of concrete working humanity to abstract laboring subject to temporally quantifying, objectifying and materializing activity in producing commodities. The necessary conjunction of natural domination and labor abstraction is the real outcome of social relations of capitalist production… Today human freedom is not possible, and can never be given as a concrete social fact, without liberating nature from the (albeit geologically temporary) burden of capitalist plunder, despoliation and destruction. Every theory which fails to formulate these twin problems, tasks and objectives – abolishing capital and liberating nature – as necessarily intertwined and inseparable is a subterfuge, unknowingly or no reaffirming domination and exploitation, and a priori disqualifies itself as emancipatory theorization… The social relations of capitalist production practically exhibit the historical fact that the problem of freedom can never be posed within the framework of those social relations and their defense…


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