One certainly ought to insist that links express a preference for those whose perspectives are congenial and most cohere with our own.

Appearing in no particular order and albeit brief, the list below connects us with those who more or less, less than more, share our perspectives, some as revolutionaries and others not….

Analyses of ongoing geologically abrupt climate change and related transformations. While advanced, some of the authors (e.g., Beckwith) and some of their prescriptions are, befitting the mad theory of the bourgeoisie (i.e., modern science), simply lunatic:


Critique of capital, largely contemporary. Excepting Jeff Strahl’s website all are absent insight into capital-induced transformations of nature wrecking the Earth as home and content in which life, inclusive of human existence, transpires. Only Wildcat has ongoing analysis of the deep state:


Hic Saltus, Communization


The Daily Battle

If you can stomach rightwing libertarianism and free market fundamentalism, the relatively short videos of Gordon T. Long and John Rubino appearing on YouTube, though oblivious to climate transformation and failing to recognize the real possibility of renewed imperialist world war immanent to global finance collapse, neatly tie all the phenomenal aspects of the returning open crisis of capital together.


for the Critical Study of Societies of Capital