Will Barnes (1949-2012)

Critique of Capitalist Civilization

Genesis of Capital (Self-Valorizing Value). Formal Subsumption and the Bourgeois Revolution

The Critique of Science. Historical, Materialist and Dialectical Studies on the Relation of the Modern Science of Nature to the Bourgeoisie and Capital (Revised and Expanded)

Malthusianism and Productivism

Perspective (Some Premises, Some Conclusions)

Community against Capital

Other Texts

Genesis of Capital. Addenda (Three Manuscript Studies)

Bolshevism and Stalinism (Urgeschichte)

The Debate over Capitalism and the Leap Over Capitalism in the Periphery of the World System of Social Relations

Civil War and Revolution in America

Climate Change, Social Revolution and their Imaginary Representations in Late Capitalist Popular Culture


for the Critical Study of Societies of Capital